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Florida Stucco pool finish products are known for their robustness, reliability, and striking colors. Made from a variety of aggregate materials, Florida Stucco swimming pool finishes have been the industry standard in much of Florida for the past 35 years. These swimming pool plaster finishes are ideal for numerous projects, including swimming pool resurfacing and new-build installations. There are various Florida Stucco pool colors and finishes to choose from, allowing you to build a safe and robust pool in the color scheme that speaks to you. Below we have highlighted to main finishes produced by Florida Stucco, giving you a glimpse into their shades, construction, and what they could do for your pool.


Gem Finishes

One of the best Florida Stucco pool plaster products available, these Gem Finishes are made from a mill-prepared marcite alternative which is blended with colored quartz aggregates, Portland cement, and additional components which are designed to maximize your pool’s structural integrity. Gem Finishes are highly resistant to stains and etching, presenting a safe and slip-resistant surface which makes your pool practical, safe, and stylish.

Reserve Finishes

Florida Stucco Reserve Finishes come with a unique blend of colored glass beads which give your swimming pool a sophisticated Mediterranean feel. These iridescent colored glass beads are the perfect accent to really make your swimming pool “pop” and take it to the next level. In addition to elevating the design of your pool, Reserve Finishes contain strong aggregates which help to maintain the pool’s surfaces for many years to come. If you’re looking for a pool finish which is reminiscent of Greece or Turkey, look no further.

Pearl Finishes

Looking for something a little different? Florida Stucco Pearl Finishes are a blend of river aggregate, white Portland cement, and additional components which improve bonding, curing, and the overall structural integrity of your pool’s surfaces. These vibrant Pearl Finishes are ideal for unique swimming pool finishes which are resistant to stains and everyday damage. Pearl Finishes require special application techniques, so it is always best to work with contractors who are familiar with Florida Stucco pool plaster products.

Petite Finishes

Another Florida Stucco Pool Finish which requires a unique installation, Petite Finishes are suitable for a wide variety of pool resurfacing projects. These swimming pool finishes are made from white Portland cement, selected river aggregate, and various additives, creating a finish which is versatile, stain-resistant, and strong for many years to come. Petite Finishes can be used for a wide range of swimming pools, making them a favorite of the swimming pool resurfacing industry.

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